New payment method

New payment method

From now on, ordering at Prêt à garnir will be even easier! You may have already seen it when placing an order, a new payment method is available on our site: the instant bank payment method.

What is the instant bank payment?

The instant bank payment is as fast as a credit card payment and less complicated than a classic bank transfer. In addition, you can be sure that your payment will be made 100% safely.

To make a payment on our site by instant bank payment, you just follow these steps:


1)      Select your bank

2)      Login with your usual banking ID’s

3)      Confirm your payment securely

4)       Your purchase is confirmed!

Why should you choose the instant bank payment?

By choosing the instant bank payment, you are not limited in the amounts.

Your order is processed instantly: we receive the funds immediately and can proceed with the preparation.

 There are no additional costs!



Forgot an item in your order?

No worries! There is no need to make an additional order, you can just contact us by phone or email and we send you a payment request to settle the difference... Easy, isn't it?!