Collection Of Mini Spicy 4 Flavors-11
  • Collection Of Mini Spicy 4 Flavors
  • Collection Of Mini Spicy 4 Flavors
  • Collection Of Mini Spicy 4 Flavors
  • Collection Of Mini Spicy 4 Flavors

Collection Of Mini Spicy 4 Flavors


A collection of 4 flavors of spiced mini cups, 3cm in diameter, ready to fill : 24 mini spcy mexican chili, 24 mini spicy southern pepper, 24 mini spicy Asian curry, 24 mini spicy African falafel.

  • Number of pieces : 96.0 Parts
  • Net weight uvc : 0.685 kg

A collection of mini cups without palm oil or colouring agent.A mix of natural spices for 4 unique flavours. A nice handmade 'folded' look and a soft colour for a natural look. INSTRUCTIONS -Baking not necessary: ready to use - To consume shortly after filling. The mini Veggy lose their crispness when they come into contact with acid garnishes. It's advised to add a bit of soy cream to your preparations to soften this a bit.

  • Dimensions : diam 3 - 2 x h 1 - 5 cm
  • Weight piece (in G) : 4.0 kg
  • Advice for baking : Without baking | Baked : 5 minutes on 170°C
Consumer moment
Type of dough
Puff pastry
Sunflower oil
Without palmoil
Without palm oil
Feeding regime
Vegetarian, vegan
Applications (1)
Applications (2)
Freezing possible

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN) (EU), corn flour, sunflower oil, water, seasoning (salt, spices & herbs, glucose syrup, dextrose, flavourings, saccharose), seasoning (spices & herbs, salt, dextrose, flavourings, dried glucose syrup), seasoning (spices & herbs, flavourings, salt, tomato, glucose syrup, dextrose), seasoning (glucose syrup, spices & herbs, salt, flavourings, saccharose, tomato), salt, inactive yeast

Energy (kcal)
417.0 kcal
Energy (kj)
1.753 kJ
Grease in gr
15.5 g
Of which are saturated fatty acids
1.4 g
Of which are trans fatty acids
0.0 g
60.6 g
Sugars (g)
3.1 g
7.3 g
Dietary fibres
2.9 g
Salt (g)
3.39 g

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