Handcrafted quiche 8,5 cm-20
  • Handcrafted quiche 8,5 cm
  • Handcrafted quiche 8,5 cm

Handcrafted quiche 8,5 cm


A puff pastry quiche ready to fill with a diameter of 8,5 cm, presented with a sheet of sulfurized paper and a wood like tray.

€8.15 VAT included

A quiche base to fill made out of puff pastry.

Its dense and tight puff pastry guarantees a crispy and crunchy texture, even with the most liquid garnishes. A beautiful, authentic look of a high quality with a sheet of sulfurized paper that doesn't blacken when used in the oven and a wooden look a like tray. 

8,5 cm : the ideal size for a starter. For the main meal, provide 2 quiches per person.


 -The garnishes for the quiches are rich in eggs: don't bake them on a high temperature ( don't exceed 180°C). 

- When taking the quiche out of the oven, let it rest for 5 to 10  minutes to let the eggs cool down slowly: this guarantees a dense texture.

- The puff pastry of the quiches is neutral: they are perfect for savoury applications but even so for puff pastry tart desserts.

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Sweet, salty

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