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Handcrafted vol au vent with butter 9,5 cm-16
  • Handcrafted vol au vent with butter 9,5 cm
  • Handcrafted vol au vent with butter 9,5 cm

Handcrafted vol au vent with butter 9,5 cm


A traditional fluted vol-au-vent with butter and eggs of hens raised outdoors, diameter 9,5 cm, hollow, ready to fill.

  • Number of pieces : 12.0 Parts
  • Net weight uvc : 2.880 kg
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€14.15 VAT included

A generous puff pastry with its large filling space. Rediscover the tradition of vol-au-vent with it's handmade look and its delicious recipe. 


- The handmade vol-au-vent is hollow: it's ready to fill, without additional steps necessary.

- The handmade vol-au-vent is often filled after reheating it in the oven. It can also be filled before reheating for some specific garnishes, that need to be au gratin by example.

- The puff pastry of the vol-au-vent is neutral : it's easily adaptable to salty applications and sweet applications.

  • Dimensions : diam 9 - 5 x h 5 - 5 cm
  • Weight piece (in G) : 40.0 kg
  • Advice for baking : Empty : 3-4 minutes on 170°c | baked : 7-8 minutes on 170°c
Consumer moment
Type of dough
Puff pastry
Without palmoil
Without palm oil
Feeding regime
Applications (1)
Applications (2)
Sweet, salty
Freezing possible

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), BUTTERfat (EU) 39%, water, salt, free range EGG (EGG)

Energy (kcal)
553.0 kcal
Energy (kj)
2.298 kJ
Grease in gr
39.92 g
Of which are saturated fatty acids
26.40 g
Of which are trans fatty acids
1.49 g
39.65 g
Sugars (g)
0.77 g
7.82 g
Dietary fibres
1.77 g
Salt (g)
0.71 g

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