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Mini bouchee fluted 3,5 cm-18
  • Mini bouchee fluted 3,5 cm
  • Mini bouchee fluted 3,5 cm

Mini bouchee fluted 3,5 cm


A mini puff pastry bouchee round and fluted with a diameter of 3,5 cm, hollow, ready to fill.

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A quality mini bouchee with its light and airy puff pastry. With its authentic round shape and fluted edge.


- The fluted min bouchee is hollow and ready to be filled without any additional steps necessary.

- The mini bouchee is often filled after reheating it in the oven. It can also be filled before reheating for certain specific garnishes, like snails or preparations that need to be au gratin for example.

-The puff pastry in the mini bouchee is neutral: it adapts easily to savoury applications as well as to sweet applications.

Applications (1)
Applications (2)
Sweet, salty

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