Trendy round with butter 7 cm-23
  • Trendy round with butter 7 cm
  • Trendy round with butter 7 cm

Trendy round with butter 7 cm


A square,modern, individual tartlet with sides 7 cm wide, with butter, straight sided, ready to fill.

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The TRENDY : A unique range of modern tartlets and mini tartlets. 

A distinct contemporary design with straight angles and edges.

A qualitative recipe with eggs of chickens raised in open air.

A crispy texture that can resist becoming moist after filling for a few days. 


- Baking not necessary : ready to use

- Can be heated in the oven for a few minutes for garnishes that need to be cooked or au gratin.

Applications (1)
Cold, Hot
Applications (2)

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN) (EU), BUTTERfat (MILK) (EU) 22,5%, sugar, icing sugar (sugar and potatoe starch), EGG, water, salt

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