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  • Profiterole with butter 4 cm
  • Profiterole with butter 4 cm

Profiterole with butter 4 cm


A small puff/chou with a diameter of 4 cm, with butter, ready to fill.

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Developed from the traditional recipe of pure butter puff/choux pastry, the profiterole is an essential part of pastry making that is a part of the composition of many desserts.

The puffs/choux are dehydrated to ensure better conservation. The texture is crisp upon receiving the products.


There are 2 ways to prepare the choux/puffs:

- Remove the top of the choux at about 1/3 of its height with a knife: choose a knife with teeth. The removing of the top is made easier by the solid texture of the product. 

- Fill the pastry bag: garnish the puff/choux at the bottom, piercing the crust directly with the top.

The puffs are consumed crispy and prepared in just a few minutes, garnish with ice cream or custard cream. To find the soft texture, conserve the puffs for a minimum of 4 hours after filling in the refridgerator. 

The choux/puff recipe is neutral. It combines nicely with sweet garnishes or with ice cream with salty toppings, for aperitif applications such as 'gougères'.

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Sweet, salty

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